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Encouraging human development - by bridging psychedelic science and experience.

About Us

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The MIND Community Platform is a growing network of individuals and organizations. We organize on the basis of the principles, values, and programs of the MIND family of organizations.

Follow topics, build a local or national group, or become a member. Join programs like uniMIND, BEYOND EXPERIENCE, or APT. And contribute to the Professional Sections of the MIND Members Association and our partners.


We envision a healthier, more connected world through evidence-based, safe, and legal applications of the psychedelic experience in therapy and for well-being.

Principles of the MIND Community Platform

Scientific Approach

learning from and conducting excellent and critical science. Organizing a rational, transdisciplinary discourse about mental health, well-being, and psychedelics to change the world for the better.

Human Development

create personal capacity and encouraging environments for a meaningful human life. Co-create open societies in sustainable co-existence with other species and nature.  


build encouraging communities, institutions, and behaviors inspired by healthy and safe learning from psychedelic states.

Values of the MIND Foundation

Learn more about how we interpret these values in this blog post.

Scientific Approach

To apply systematic thinking and scientific methodology, intellectual rigor, evidence-based education, and a proactive openness to falsification of knowledge by new and better validated discoveries.


To act in accordance with principles such as honesty, sincerity, and accounting for discrepancies.


To allow oneself to feel the joy and suffering of others & act to alleviate it.


To strive for such innovations that add to human development, the common good, and sustainability


To master one's methods, tools, and communications.


To act in a way that preserves or increases one’s connection to the self, others, and nature - and promotes the well-being of all living creatures.

Code of Conduct

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Please take notice that the MIND Foundation and our MIND Community do not endorse any illegal activities. This is no place for any exchange in the likes of a black market, no network for underground therapists, or any other activity that is illegal.

Instead, our work serves to advance science and psychedelic-assisted therapies, and to ultimately establish safe and legal spaces for pharmacologically-induced psychedelic experience.

Anyone unable or unwilling to meet these requirements signals disagreement with our code of conduct and values and will be excluded from our community.